Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hundreds of Bed Bugs Biting a Man's Arm

Seattle bed bugs Management
Pest control operators across the nation agree, bed bug arethe most difficult pests that they have ever had to control. To be effective, your pest management professional must be knowledgeable about bed bug biology and behavior and up to date in the latest bed bug control techniques.

After a preliminary inspection of the premises the pest professional should be able to provide you with the following

• Information regarding basic bed bug biology, behavior, and medial importance
• The potential scope of the infestation, emphasizing the limitation of visual inspections
• A copy of the treatment protocol including the specific terms of the service agreement
• Your treatment preparation responsibilities
• A list of the chemical and non-chemical treatment products that they will use
• An estimate of how long treatment will take to complete based on the company’s current manpower.
• The labor for two technicians minimum and pricing estimates
The pest management professional should also be able to answer questions regarding the pros and cons of each
treatment method, and why their treatment methods may be differ from other companies you may have interviewed.
Some companies will provide a 30 or 60 day treatment warranty/guarantee. Be aware this is not a guarantee that the
bed bugs are gone.Because they are carry in pests. It just means that their company will treat again for free (or for less money) if any bed bugs occur within 30 or 60 days of treatment. Beware of anyone who guarantees that all the bed bugs, every last egg, will be gone after treatment. They are amateurs. How could they possibly know?

Bed bug inspection : Questions Ampm exterminators technician will ask our clients to better prepare for the treatment.

Why do you think you may have a bed bug problem?
How long have you had the problem?
Do you have a specimen?
Have you travelled lately?
Have you had house guests lately?
Have you recently had a child come back from college?

Bed bug Treatments

There are many products that have bed bugs as a target pest on the label. However,not all of these products have proven to be consistent in use.CDC has reported wide spread resistance in bed bugs to pesticides. As we can never be sure where the beb bugs come from. It is best to assume that resistance is a potential problem and recognize it as such when performing treatments
It has been found that efficacy of products is not always consistent .some materials kill adults well on contact, but have very little residual control. Some have been noted not to kill newly hatched nymphs. The fact that bed bugs spend a large part of their time in diaspora also plays apart in material effectiveness, as water based pesticides do not penetrate the exoskeleton well, and thus may have little effect on inactive bed bugs. The materials that are oil based, such as essential plant oils or those containing alchohol , do seem to penetrat the exo skeleton and are effective against most stages of the bed bugs cycle.

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